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OKALOOSA COUNTY, Florida (WALA) - Brian Reeves, 27-year-old Brandy Berrier and 20-year-old Donovan Smith were picked up by Florida Fish and Wildlife officers while poaching.

During a consented search of their Griffith Cemetery Road home, officers found a meth lab. The Okaloosa County Florida Multi-Agency Drug Task Force was called in and took control of the investigation.

Several items of drug paraphernalia associated with meth production were seized, along with liquid meth well in excess of three ounces.

Both Reeves and Berrier confessed to their involvement. The investigation tied Smith to purchasing cold tablets for drug production.

All three are charged with trafficking amphetamine in Florida, fourteen grams or over.

Drug Facts
  • Individuals who abuse OxyContin may be attracted to lower priced heroin when their health insurance no longer pays for OxyContin prescriptions or when they cannot afford the high street-level price of OxyContin.
  • Individuals who abuse OxyContin commonly crush up OxyContin pills and snort them to get high, getting a hefty dose of opiate all at once.
  • Individuals who abuse prescription medication such as Ativan often take these types of benzodiazepines to enhance the effects of alcohol.
  • The drugs which currently have the highest levels of past year dependence or abuse among Americans are marijuana (4.5 million), pain relievers (1.9 million), and cocaine (1.0 million).